280Lt /330Lt Volume Skid Steer Concrete Mixer Bucket

Apr 12, 2023

The mixer bucket is indispensable for those who work in the construction sector. Make concrete work a breeze with a Concrete Mixer Bucket. The concrete mixing bucket allows the operator to load, mix, transport, and discharge concrete much faster than the traditional stand-along mixer and wheel barrow. These mixer buckets give you the flexibility to mix concrete where and when its needed including areas that are difficult to access with standard truck mixers. Its makes it ideal for sidewalks, driveways, finish work, footings and floors of small buildings


The Concrete Mixer Bucket is the best solution to manufacture the concrete at any time. Suitable for skid-steer-loaders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators. The concrete mixer combines the functions of the agitator and the bucket to reduce the troubles caused by the process of shoveling sand and gravel. It can save working time and improve work efficiency.


The mixer bucket is a specially designed tool for creating fresh concrete quickly and easily, whenever you need it. Avoid a poor quality concrete mix and messy clean ups with this innovative cement mixer attachment that will load, mix and deliver concrete with ease. Save time and effort on your small-batch mixing needs with this rugged work-saving innovation.

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